Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar’s drivetrain revealed

On Sunday, Mercedes-AMG revealed the drivetrain for their upcoming, $3.5 million ‘Project One’ hypercar.

Headlining the car is a 1.6 litre electrically-assisted turbocharged V6 – that’s right, 1.6 LITRES of V6 – producing around a whopping 665kW redlining at 11 THOUSAND RPM. This V6 works alongside four electric motors producing a total of 80kW, bringing the Project One to a total power output of around 745kW (1000hp) or EVEN MORE!

The Project One will also feature adaptive suspension and a regular 8-speed automatic transmission (under 1000hp a dual clutch just would kill itself). Further, the engine has a thermal efficiency of over 40%, and such an achievement is only seen in the Toyota Prius – IT must have been a nightmare to get that kind of efficiency in a turbocharged 1000hp V6.

What do you guys think of the AMG Project One’s powertrain? 1000hp is crazy on its own, but from a 1.6L V6? That’s crazy. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. […] As previously revealed, the Project ONE is powered by both a mid mounted, F1-derived 1.6L turbocharged V6 and four 120kW-each electric motors to produce a staggering 1000hp/745kW of power – even crazier, the V6 revs up to 11,000 RPM and the motors rev up to 55,000 RPM. The distribution of the electric motors goes as follows: two motors are on the front axle, one on the crankshaft and another inside the turbocharger. All of this insane power is sent to the ground through AMG’s Performance 4Matic AWD system, a torque vectoring system and a specially designed 8-speed Speedshift manual transmission. 0-100km/h or torque numbers haven’t been quoted – however, Mercedes-AMG have said that the ONE hits 200km/h in less than 6 seconds and reaches a top speed of ‘beyond 350km/h’. However, if that’s too much for you, the Project ONE can run purely on electric power for 25 kilometres. […]

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